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In the Sunflower Montessori program, children are instructed by certified

Montessori teachers and well qualified support staff. Each classroom area

of the school is carefully prepared to meet the needs of the developing

child. We strive to meet the social, emotional, and academic goals of

students, all of which are of equal importance.

Montessori is often called an "Education for Peace". Children study their

connection to the Universe and learn to become citizens of planet Earth,

North America, The United States of America, Montana, Missoula, and

finally community members of their school. At Sunflower Montessori we

strive to provide children a greater understanding of their responsibility to the world. Our curriculum is carefully designed to show children their interconnectedness to all living things. We understand the child's innate fascination with the natural world. Sunflower Montessori nurtures this fascination.

Social and Emotional Goals:

  • Independence - Children develop independence, learning to work by themselves without constant adult intervention. They are taught how to dress and undress, pour their own milk, use real dishes, and use the bathroom independently.

  • Concentration - The environment is constructed to allow the development of quiet, uninterrupted concentration.

  • Coordination - Activities are designed to strengthen children's hand for writing and train the eye for reading. Exercises designed to help with motor skills and balance are part of the daily activities and experiences.

  • Order - The orderly and clean environment leads children to develop logical thinking which translates into math conception, problem solving, and decision making.

  • Socialization - Activities promoting kindness and peace are cornerstones of healthy social development. Conflict resolution and empowerment are taught to help children meet, interact, and form positive relationships with other children.

  • Self-Control - Children develop self motivation, and inner discipline. They are taught to "own" their work, and assisted to develop a sense of pride and a positive view of learning.


Areas of Environment:



Areas of Academics:


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